Beautiful Fractal Kaleidoscopes on Blu-ray and DVD

The Splendor of Color: A Kaleidoscope Video

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For the longest time I've wanted to make a kaleidoscope video to add to the mix of what's out there, but I just didn't know how to do it. My math and programming skills are pretty elementary, so what might have been an easy task for many smarter or more experienced people was a very challenging one for me. Slowly but surely, I learned the necessary skills. One quantum leap in my progress occurred when through some Google searching I finally found a simple kaleidoscope example on Terence Tsang's Shine Draw instructional website. (That link used to be here but he has since taken it down: What had frustrated and confounded me for years took him an hour and a half to complete. After taking many programming classes at school, I was able to modify and expand his example code by adding several hundred lines of my own, until I had a working version suitable for video creation that I understood. That mostly involved finding dozens of classes and methods written by other people.

The beautiful fractals used in this video were based on original flame formula parameter sets created by other very talented artists and posted on the web as instructional examples. I am extremely grateful for their decision to share some of their parameters with the public and in these cases to permit commercial use by others. Many of these parameters were from Blatte's Fractal Resources. Many others were shared on the now inactive Fractal Repository website by other fractal flame artists including the brilliant and prolific artist, Mr. Psiquedelico, who's wonderful work can be found all over the internet. There is an unsupported mirror of this site archived here. The hypnotic background music is written and performed by Bjorn Lynne. The titles are "A Journey Within" and "Endless Oceans."

- Ken Meyering

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